The 5th Annual Marriage Retreat will be held in
Los Angeles, California from Thursday, August 13, 2015 - Sunday, August 16, 2015!


The Fees to Attend this Retreat / Conference are $1,079.00 per couple. There is a non-refundable registration fee of $60.00. This Retreat price includes, lodging, meals, workshops and activities.  It does not include your arrival and departure arrangements for the retreat, nor does it include any extra meals or outside activities that you and your spouse may choose to partake in. Our tentative listing of Guest Speakers and Workshop Presenters Brother Student Minister Tony & Sister L'Tonya Muhammad, Western Regional Student  Representative of the Nation of Islam Brother Marcus and Sister Cecelia Muhammad, National Marriage Retreat Facilitators This Retreat is only for Married Couples. You have to be married by the start of this Retreat to attend. Please note that this Marriage Retreat is not intended for Single Brothers or Sisters at all. As long as you and your spouse are still legally married you and your spouse may attend. There are no absolutely no babies or children allowed at the Retreat. They are not able to come with you and stay in your hotel room while you try to concentrate on the Retreat.   There is absolutely no arguing permitted during the entire Retreat. We are all expected to conduct ourselves in a righteous manner during the entire Retreat. We have a strict no weapons policy and security will be in full effect during the duration of the Retreat. No person's religion will be disrespected in the least whether you are Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hebrew or any other religion.  Our commitment to results - With the help of Almighty God, as we attempt to work with you and your spouse at the 5th Annual Marriage Retreat we are intent on helping you and your spouse to stay in the process of marriage. We intend to recruit you and your spouse to help others to fight for their marriages as well. Please do not plan to attend this Marriage Retreat if you do not want to work on your marriage. Our success is measured by the many couples in the Nation and among our people that we have counseled and helped to stay in the process of marriage over the last several years. We have weekly seminars that we do to help couples consider different strategies to help them to be successful. Every week we will be taking on another Webinar topic to strengthen couples towards that end. We invest whatever resources are needed to get and keep your marriage on the right track. Registration: Once you have looked thoroughly over the agenda for the weekend and decided that you and your spouse would like to attend this retreat you must register. Each couple has to register in order to enjoy the privileges of the 5th Annual Marriage Retreat. There are no exceptions. Each attendee will receive a 50 page Workbook designed for their marital harmony and success. We have set up the Registration process through Pay Pal. Please click here to register you and your spouse:

The 5th Annual Marriage Retreat registration has now opened! Click here to pay your registration!

How to Pay for the 2014 - 5th Annual Black Marriage Retreat:

Once you have paid your registration then you can proceed to pay for the 5th Annual Black Marriage Retreat. You can call Sister Debra 2X (Washington) at 901-230-2674 to make payment arrangements for the 2014 - 5th Annual Black Marriage Retreat. 

The Mission of the 5th Annual -
2014 Black Marriage Retreat

Why Do We Do The Marriage Retreats? What is our Purpose?

* The Number One purpose of the Marriage Retreat is to stop Divorce which the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan clearly identified is the number one threat to the National Security of the Nation of Islam and of our people.

* To strengthen each participant’s relationship with God by helping him / her more deeply understand the nature in which the Creator has created man and woman and to produce God centered Marriages and Relationships.

* To strengthen and support marriage which thereby strengthens families.

* To provide an environment that will promote and foster real friendship and intimacy among couples and help Husbands and Wives to communicate better.

* To build the Advanced Relationship Skills Bank of both Husbands and Wives.

* To bring out deeper love and compassion between Husbands and Wives on the divine level.

* The Marriage Retreat teaches couples how to focus on solutions to problems and what they want for their relationship and not on what they don’t want.

Highlights from the 2013 - 4th Annual Marriage Retreat in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee


Testimonial from Brother Akbar Muhammad -
The International Representative of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan


 Participants of the 2013 4th Annual Marriage Retreat 
from St. Louis, Missouri (Christian Couple)


All of the Testimonials from the  2013 - 4th Annual Marriage Retreat


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