3 Reasons to
Attend Our Marriage Retreat

Black Therapist

Every therapy session is conduced by a highly trained African American marriage therapist.

Solve Gridlock Issues

How a couple handles the perpetual problems is critical to avoiding gridlock. You'll learn ways to get pass gridlock issues.

Get Pass Infidelity

Infidelity can severely strain a relationship and the people involved. We can help you and your partner heal after an affair.

African American Couples retreat

For Black Married Couples

Marriage counseling is often looked at as a one size fits all type of solution. The problem? Your problems might not be the same as mine, so how can a type of “blanket” therapy work for both of us? I’ve had my share of experiences with traditional counseling and, I can attest, the more traditional methods just aren’t as effective as a marriage counseling retreat. 

The problem with traditional counseling, in my opinion, is more than just the one size fits all type of approach. The true issue is time. When you and your spouse are trying to fix a broken marriage 45 minutes at a time, 4 times a month (at the most), you’re not really getting the intensive therapy that you need. 

What you really need is a retreat. You need that time is a larger block so you can really take the time to work through all your issues and problems. You need to confront them head-on, without any distractions, with a therapist who will tailor the program to fit your specific marital needs. 

Its way too easy to let the problems in your marriage continue to become a roadblock to your true happiness. After all, the two of you chose to spend your lives together. At one point in time there was passion, happiness, respect, fidelity, and love. If you’re willing to go to counseling, then I would assume that you truly want to resolve the issues that are holding your marriage back from being everything you dreamed it would be when you first got married. 

With a marriage intensive retreat, there’s no excuses to make. All the two of you have is time. Time to work on your issues, and time to reconnect with one another and fall in love again. Sounds pretty amazing, right? Well, let me tell you something, it’s more amazing than you even realize. It can be the make or break experience that could be the difference between a divorce and a happy, fulfilling marriage. 

Marriage Intensive Therapy vs. Traditional Marriage Counseling

As mentioned above, there are options available for people looking to save their marriage. I understand that, for some couples, the traditional counseling route might just work. However, I believe that this type of therapy might work for marriages that aren’t suffering from some major issues.

Think about how the traditional marriage counseling works. The two of you go to your hour long therapy session and identify one, maybe two, issues with your marriage. The majority of your time is spent trying to get to the root of the issue, with both people needing for their side of the story to be heard. 

Eventually, one of the problems comes out, and the therapist might or might not give you some practical strategies to try to fix the issue. However, the problem is, that you go straight back to the environment where your problems exist. Work, kids, and other daily stresses almost always take precedence over the need to heal your marriage.

For couples with more serious issues, you need to get away from everything to work on your problems. You need to immerse yourselves completely into your marriage and work one-on-one with a counselor who will design a program to help you solve, not mask, your issues.

That’s were a marriage intensive retreat is really your best, and arguably only, option. Your marriage deserves the time and attention that you can only get at one of our retreats. Our entire focus is to help you heal the damage that has been done over the months or years that your marriage has been in jeopardy. 

Our goal is to help you resolve those issues that wouldn’t otherwise be resolved by going to a weekly counseling session. We will give you the time and devote our energy to making sure that your marriage gets the chance it deserves to heal. 

We’ll help you with those issues that are most plaguing your marriage and assist you in your quest to find a resolution. We’re not going to throw a bunch of different strategies at you and leave it to you to try to figure out how to best implement them into your busy lives. You are a captive audience and the only focus (in your time with us) is working to resolve your most fundamental marital issues. 

Another aspect of a marriage intensive retreat is that you get to spend quality time with your partner. I understand that your life is busy and it can be difficult to find the time to spend quality time with your partner. 

The focus of your time at an intensive retreat is to reconnect and find solutions that both people will find beneficial. During this resolution process, you will also have the opportunity to relearn your couple’s communication language, and reignite that intimacy and passion that every marriage needs and deserves.

Speaking of intimacy, what could be more intimate than communicating with your spouse to help one another understand what you truly want and need out of your marriage? Lip service won’t cut it in an intensive retreat. You’re going to be confronted with your issues and our therapists will work closely with you to make sure they are resolved. 

With traditional counseling, you are important for one hour a week. Once you leave your appointment, the therapist has another set of clients where he/she needs to focus. At a marriage intensive retreat, you are the only client for the time you are here. That means that we’re not going to give you something to hopefully try before the next time we see you. You will be asked to confront your issues and deal with them head-on during your stay with us.

Essentially, you are our only client during your time with us. You are our primary focus and your success is our success. That’s the intensive part. We are truly invested in your marriage. Obviously, if you are willing to come to a retreat, you are as well. Together we will get to the root of your issues and find the best strategies for your marriage to heal. 

What to Expect At Our Retreat

When you come to our retreat, our focus is entirely on healing your marriage. We offer a variety of programs to best fit your needs, and the time you will spend with us is equal to months of weekly counseling sessions. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a quick fix of sorts, but it’s an intensive form of therapy designed to fit your individual needs. 

As soon as we know you are coming, we start to plan the work you will do at our retreat. Again, this is 100% personalized to meet the needs of your marriage. We’ll have you fill out some information before you attend to help us see where your marriage is suffering and begin to create an attack plan for you and your spouse when you are here with us. 

This initial information helps give us a true understanding of your needs. This is much more than some rudimentary intake form, where the majority of the form is asking about your insurance. This in an in-depth process and we take this part of the therapy just as important as your time with us. If needed, we might schedule a phone or video call to help us with our planning purposes. 

Once you are here, it’s time to get to work. Don’t worry, we’ll let you settle in to your accommodations first and get comfortable. However, once you have settled in, we’ll have our first session. We’ll go over the information that you filled out previously and we’ll hear from each of you what you perceive as the biggest issues in your marriage. 

From here, we will take a little bit of time to fine tune our plan of attack for your time at the retreat. The beauty of this is that you will immediately get some quality one-on-one time with your partner. 

In essence, the root of all therapy is communication and that will be the focus of our initial sessions. We’ll begin by teaching you some techniques that have been proven to work with our past clients. These communication techniques are essential to your success during the intensive retreat and for once you leave us as well.

What will happen is that you will learn to communicate below the surface. This deeper level of communication is something that every marriage needs to thrive. You’ll help us create a picture of exactly how and why your marriage started to unravel. Once we have an idea of the core issues, then we can begin helping you get to the root of the issues and work towards a viable resolution. 

When each partner feels like their thought, emotions, and needs are being validated, that is a very healthy foundation upon which to rebuild a broken marriage. This process helps you to reconnect with the emotions that first sparked your love in the beginning. There’s no such thing as a honeymoon phase, love is about communication, respect, and trust. If we can help you rebuild these in your marriage, it will thrive. 

We believe that every good marriage is comprised of individuals who are working together to create a shared vision of what their ideal marriage should look like. Each person striving to be the best version of themselves while contributing to the success of the marriage. When you love yourself, you will bring that love with you to help create a happy, healthy, and intimate marriage. 

This is an intensive process, but it is not designed to overwhelm you at any time when you come to work with us. You will have plenty of time to take breaks together and individually, and recreate that intimacy that’s the heartbeat of every successful marriage. I know that you will enjoy this approach so much more than any traditional counseling methods you have experienced in the past. 

We’ll help you to find the best mode of communication with your partner. They will leave with a better understand of you and you will leave with that same understanding of them. You’ll be surprised at just how much progress can happen once those lines of communication and mutual respect are opened and available. 

Our daily sessions last around four hours daily. This is the timeline for success. You’ll have plenty of time to work with your partner and plenty of downtime to reconnect and rekindle the best aspects of your marriage. We understand that you wouldn’t be with us if you didn’t truly love your partner, and we’ll help you tap into that love to make it shine. 

Why Should You Come To Our Weekend Intensive?

I know that this all might sound too good to be true, but I have many couples who have attended our weekend intensive sessions whose marriages are thriving today. We provide you with a guarantee of privacy that will allow you the opportunity to let your guard down and work to heal your marriage. Your sessions are confidential and completely private. What we help to provide is a sanctuary where you are safe to work through the deepest issues and problems in your marriage. 

I understand that it is very difficult to reach out to a stranger and say, “my marriage is in jeopardy, I need help.” You’re not alone in this, and that’s why our schedule is fairly flexible to meet your relationship needs. I won’t just throw you on a waiting list and tell you to take a number. I will work with you to schedule a time that best fits your schedule and your individual needs. 

The beauty of a weekend intensive is that I can work with you to get to the root of your issues in a relatively short amount of time. The rest of your time spent with me is dedicated to finding solutions to your issues. One-on-one intensive therapy is the only way to really help your marriage succeed. I take this philosophy very seriously, and I will help you restore parts of your marriage you thought might have been lost forever. 

Ultimately, you deserve to be happy. I can help you find this happiness and give you the tools for the type of marriage you desire. I will help you identify the pattern that have been so damaging to your marriage and replace them with new patterns that foster communication and intimacy. I truly believe that, together, we can rescue your damaged marriage back from extinction. Please contact me any time with any of your questions, I’m ready to help you succeed.