Weekend Christian Couples Getaway

4 Reasons to Book
A Christian Couples Getaway


It's an opportunity to have fun, relax, and enjoy some quality time with your spouse


Reconnect with your spouse and grow closer together through workshops hosted by a husband and wife team


Christian couples getaways are a great opportunity for you to renew your marriage


Grow as Christians by learning more about God's plan for marriage and His plans for you!

48 hours. Just you and your spouse. It's time well spent.

Black marriage retreat provides couples with a much-needed “pause” from their daily pressures. The opportunity to create time and space for attention, encouragement, and resources brings couples back home remembering why they said “I do”.

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You’ve been married for a while now and you
want to take your relationship to the next level?

We know how hard it can be to stay on the same page as a couple. That’s why we offer retreats that will help you grow spiritually and become closer as a team. You’ll learn new skills, have time for reflection, and find ways to communicate better with each other. It doesn’t matter what stage of life you’re at – we’ve got something for everyone!


Our goal is simple – help make your marriage better than ever before! Sign up today for our next retreat so you can start living out God’s plan together.

Here's What You'll Experience


As you learn new tools to improve your relationship with your spouse, you will increase your self-awareness about the ways you affect your relationship. 

Improve Connection

Learn new skills to keep intimacy alive and active in a long-term marriage, while spending quality time together away from kids and electronics.

Unforgettable Memories

You will learn about yourself and each other in ways you never thought possible. It’s the perfect opportunity for you and your partner to create memories together.

Grow Spiritually

 We believe that when spouses work on themselves spiritually, they will have more energy and resources available to them to enjoy a more satisfying marriage. 

Refresh & Recharge

You’ll leave the retreat feeling refreshed and revitalized as a couple. And we can guarantee that this time away will help you be better partners at home.


This retreat is perfect for healing wounds. In a safe environment that nurtures growth, you’ll learn how to forgive and rebuild trust with the person in your life who matter most.

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Sign up for our newsletter today so you don’t miss out on the next couples retreat! You’ll get information about dates, location, how much it costs and more. Plus, we’ll send you updates about upcoming events as well as tips for improving your marriage

This Christian Retreat is a Good Fit If...

Sign up to receive updates on our next retreat
Date, Location, Pricing, and Event Schedule

*Sign up for our newsletter today so you don’t miss out on the next couples retreat! You’ll get information about dates, location, how much it costs and more. Plus, we’ll send you updates about upcoming events as well as tips for improving your marriage.

17 Reasons You Should Attend a Christian Couples Retreat

Christian couples’ retreats are the perfect opportunity for you and your spouse to create lasting memories together, reconnect with each other and work on strengthening your relationship.

In a world rife with distractions — both at work and at home — it’s easy for couples to feel disconnected. But Christian retreats are the perfect antidote for that feeling of disconnection because they are designed to help you feel closer to your spouse and remind both of you why you fell in love in the first place.

Couples Retreat Purpose

The purpose of a Christian couples’ retreat is to deepen your connection with your spouse through workshops, fun activities and practical exercises aimed at helping your relationship grow. At the end of the retreat, you walk away feeling refreshed, strengthened and revitalized — just like your marriage.

Many couples become so busy raising their children, working, volunteering at church and spending time with friends that they neglect to take time for themselves as a couple.

If you’ve been considering a christian marriage retreat getaway, there are many reasons to do so. There is something for everyone on these trips-you could go hiking, explore museums or just relax by the pool!

It’s always important to take some time for yourself and christian couples getaways will be perfect for you! Here are 17 great reasons why attending a christian marriage retreat can benefit your relationship.


Marriage Retreats Will Strengthen Your Faith

Attending a Christian couples’ retreat is a great place to not only deepen your connection with your spouse but is the perfect getaway to strengthen your faith. 

It is very important for Christian couples to have time away from the distractions of life, and solely focus on each other, whilst also deepening their faith. A Christian marriage retreat is a perfect hideout to do just that.


You Could Try out new restaurants or Explore Museums Together

A christian marriage retreat trip will allow you to explore something new as a couple-you could spend time trying new restaurants, or visiting museums! It’s always important to do something new together, and marriage retreats are the perfect way to expand your horizons.


You Can Relax Together

You could spend time by the pool at a marriage retreat! If you go in spring or summer, it’ll be warm enough to swim without getting too cold out. Just lying around and talking under an umbrella will be very relaxing for both of you-you can even catch up on that book that’s been sitting on your nightstand for weeks now!


It Will Refresh Your Mind and Body

Sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves mentally or physically. A marriage retreat is a great way to refresh your mind through learning more about Christianity or to refresh your body by taking a walk! It’s always important to take time for yourself and Christian marriage retreats are great for doing just that.


You could experience New Things Together

If you’ve never gone swimming in the ocean before, or watch the sunset, then this couples getaway would be a great time for you to do so! It’s very important that Christians try new things-let your hair down, and discover something new with your spouse!


New Opportunities to Pray Together

A marriage retreat will help Christians rediscover the awesomeness of praying together as couples. At Christian getaway trips, you learn how praying together is so powerful. These prayers will strengthen your union and it’ll be a great opportunity to get closer to God!


You Can Leave Feeling Renewed

When couples attend a Christian marriage retreat, they usually leave feeling renewed physically, mentally and spiritually-what’s not to love about that? A couples getaway trip is something for you both to look forward too-and when you’re done with your day at the beach or hiking trails, you’ll have plenty of stories to tell that night before going to bed.


You’ll have a chance to reflect on your marriage and how you can improve it during the retreat

The Christian marriage retreat can also provide a chance for couples to reflect on their relationship, discuss what they’d like to do differently in their lives together, and make plans for how they’re going to change themselves or their situation so that they can find more peace. These Christian retreats are perfect for anyone who wants more peace in their marriage but doesn’t know where to begin.


You’ll be able to spend time with other Christian couples during your getaway

For some married people, it’s difficult to connect with other Christian couples because of church obligations, or kids.

With this couples’ getaway, you will meet other Christian couples who are dealing with similar issues in their marriages as you.

You’ll be able to fellowship and bond with other couples in a fun, Christian atmosphere!


You will receive helpful advice from seasoned couples who have overcome marital challenges

Attending a couples retreat will allow you to connect with seasoned couples, who have been dealt with challenges in their own marriage, and are willing to share with you their advice.

You will gain meaningful insights, which will eventually lead you to a better marriage and a stronger relationship with your spouse.


You’ll get the opportunity to talk about all of your frustrations with your spouse in a safe environment

Our couples’ retreat will provide couples with a Christian atmosphere in which they can express any frustrations that might be causing tension in their current marriage.

During these getaways, you’ll be able to have an open and safe conversation with your spouse about what’s bothering you but also how you are going to fix the problem so that it doesn’t escalate into something bigger!


Your relationship will grow stronger through spending time together, doing activities, and talking openly

Your marriage will grow stronger, and welcome a much needed pause from the daily hustle and bustle! Christians need to spend time together because that’s how a strong Christian marriage is built.

You’ll be able to do fun activities like hiking, exploring the city, or learning a new skill together. You will have time to talk openly about the areas in your marriage that need improvement and the steps that you and your spouse need to take in order to make it better.


You’ll be able to unwind from the fast paced world we currently live in and experience peace

When you attend a Christian marriage retreat, you will have 48 hours of uninterrupted time with your spouse!  (That’s very rare these days!)  You’ll be able to get away from all the distractions of the world and enjoy each other’s company in a place that is focused on your marriage!

You’ll have time for worship, prayer, seminars, activities and just relaxing.  This will help you both feel more peaceful and refreshed!


If you’re feeling disconnected from Your Spouse, God or church, this is an opportunity for spiritual growth

Attending a marriage retreat will help you reconnect with your spouse, who is your partner in ministry, and with God!

You will gain meaningful insights regarding your marriage as well as a better understanding of what the Bible says about Marriage and how to be good stewards over it.


Going on a couple’s retreat will help you step out of your everyday routine which might be affecting your mood/relationship

Taking a break from your regular schedule is beneficial for you and your spouse.  It will allow you to get away from any of life’s stresses, worries or distractions that might be affecting your mood.  You’ll feel more relaxed and refreshed when you return!


It will provide valuable christian fellowship time with other couples

Being around christian couples will help you grow spiritually, strengthen your marriage and make new friendships.  You’ll be with others who are going through similar challenges that you face in your own relationship!


Attending a couples’ retreats can help Christian couples learn how to add Christian truths into their marriage

Most Christian couples don’t have a clue how to implement their christian beliefs into their marriage. Most couples attend church together once a week, but do nothing else spiritually to nurture their relationship throughout the week.

A Couples’ retreat is a great place for Christians to learn how to implement christian principles into your marriage. A Christian couples’ retreat is a place where you can go, reconnect with your spouse, and then get valuable insight on how to add spiritual principals into your marriage.

In addition to meeting and socializing with other couples, a Christian getaway will provide you with an opportunity to express your love for your spouse.

One of the great things about attending a Christian retreat is that you can be assured that everyone else at the event shares the same values as you do.