Illinois Black Marriage Retreat

The wedding day, a day that the bride and the groom had waited all their lives, has the promise of all things bright. A few years after this pomp-filled day, couples realize that no marriage is without its murky patches. After a while, some couples struggle with feelings of doubt, mistrust and hurt, which almost always leads to bitterness, resentment,miscommunication and a looming divorce. This is usually the best time to reach out to a marriage counselor. One solution that’s usually on top of most counselors’ recommendation list is a couple’s therapy retreat.

Illinois Black Couples Therapy Retreat

A couples therapy retreat, also referred to as a marriage counseling retreat, is essentially a therapeutic approach to helping struggling couples gain the tools they need to reignite the spark in their marriage.

Most retreats are designed to take place over several days in a new environment so that couples can enjoy a change of scene and reconnect with each other. In other words, couples therapy retreats offer a distinctive science-based opportunity for couples to get away and really enhance their bond.

What Issues does a couples retreat for African American couples address?

At any given time, about half of the caseload in most counselors’ therapy practice is comprised of couples seeking help in their marriages. The most common issues addressed in a marriage retreat include:
•Sexual problems (low or no sex, desire differences, etc.)
•Extra marital affairs
•Lack of or poor communication
•Midlife crisis
•Recurring conflicts
•Distance and disconnection
•Lack of empathy
•Money problems
•Bad habits
•Uncoordinated shift in priorities
If you are having any kind of issues that are threatening the stability of your relationship or marriage, it’s best to go for marriage counseling therapy sooner, rather than later.

What does a Weekend marriage counseling retreat Help With?

The words “couples therapy retreat” springs skepticism in a lot of people, but think about it; you are away from all distractions and can completely focus on your partner. You are with other couples with the same interests, whom you can learn from. What’s more, the activities you engage in to rediscover each other were designed by experts on marriage improvement and relationships. Is there any reason such a “marriage bootcamp” wouldn’t work?

The benefits of a couples therapy retreat revolve around things a simple marriage counseling can’t offer. They include (but not limited to):

1. Gives you a break from regular life

Inconsiderate neighbors, traffic jams, overbearing boss and nagging kids are some of the factors that could be fueling your marriage problems.Getting to a counselor once per week can take a lot of effort. Dealing with scheduling, getting through busy traffic, rushing into therapy session out of breath may also contribute to a lot of stress that brought about the couple’s issues to begin with. By going to a marriage retreat, you get to leave all that, albeit for a few a days and focus on just the two of you.

2. Life and calendar control

By taking a short break, you have full control over your life as you won’t have to be anywhere but next to your partner. When you focus your energy on what is really important, you will be able to rediscover each other and renew yourselves as a unit.

3. Sexual re-connection

There are a number of issues that can cause sexual disconnection in couples, including extra marital affairs, distance, constant conflicts, etc. Everything feels different and rejuvenated when you take a step back and look at what you have been missing. You get a new connection and sex feels more special.

When should you consider a couples therapy retreat?
The moment you feel that your marriage is on the rocks and you can’t solve the problems yourselves, take a couple of days off and book yourselves a retreat. They range in the duration, with some going for as little as three days over the weekend.

Counselors suggest trying out couples therapy retreat when all traditional hour-per-week methods have failed. Some retreats even advertise themselves to ick up where traditional counseling has left off’.

If you have tried out marriage counseling and it didn’t work, you have an even better reason to go for it. You might be surprised that a break from the “regular life” is what both of you need. You can also go for a DIY couples retreat if you are opposed to being around others as you heal.

What is a Christian retreat compared to a secular retreat?

The couples retreat you choose to go to is fueled by your religious beliefs. For example, a Christian black marriage retreat is advisable to Christian couples or those who have the same religious beliefs. Christian retreats uses methods, teachings, and activities that are based on the bible. They teach that believing God can save your marriage is the most important step.

Nonreligious marital therapy retreats, on the other hand, employ different approaches to deal with couples’ problems. They don’t focus on bible’s teachings and most of them use empirical-based and scientific research explanations and information. Even so, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Christians or religious people cannot benefit from nonreligious marital therapy retreats. When enrolling for a marital counseling retreat, it’s advisable to confirm beforehand the kind of approach they use so that you can be sure that it will go hand in hand with your beliefs.


There are only two reasons why a couple’s retreat therapy may fail to work: if one or both of you is putting in a little effort, or either of you was forced into the agreement. Remember, just as you took time to create a connection during the honeymoon phase, so should you during a marriage therapy retreat so you can rekindle the fire that once was. By attending a marriage counseling retreat, you are showing you and your spouse that you still care and really want things to work out. After those few days of counseling, you will certainly find a way back to each other’s hearts.